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Any criminal involvement with illegal drugs is a slippery slope that can soon lead to more serious charges. You never know what could happen when you sell drugs or give them to other people, and that type of misstep could land you in big trouble. This is the reality when you face a death by delivery charge in Pennsylvania.

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, if you sell or otherwise give an illegal or controlled drug to someone else and that person dies as a result, you will face a felony charge for his or her death under the death by delivery law. Defending yourself against charges of death by delivery is not an easy task. However, a solid defense is necessary if you want to avoid the felony charge and possible time behind bars. The best place to start is by understanding the law better.

  1. You face up to 40 years in prison

The penalty for this crime is typically a prison sentence. There is no minimum guideline given under the law. It is up to the court’s discretion as to how many years you spend behind bars. However, the law does put a maximum limit of 40 years on the sentence.

  1. It is a serious charge

The death by delivery charge is very serious, as it is quite similar to a murder charge. The basic idea is that you caused another person’s death. The charge is a first-degree felony. Not only do you face prison time and fines, but you also have a felony charge on your record, which has many consequences beyond your initial sentence.

  1. Intent is not important

There is no mention of intention anywhere in this law. That is because death by delivery does not require intent to kill. It is very much accidental, but because your initial actions are illegal, any result becomes your responsibility. It also does not matter how the person used the drugs or any other details of the situation.

The death by delivery law could be on the table every time an individual sells or gives drugs to another person. It is a very serious charge you could face.

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