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Co-parenting has always been difficult. However, markers of life under a new normal have presented a whole new set of challenges.

The difficulties of co-parenting can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially if you and your ex are not on the best terms. However, there are ways to strengthen your co-parenting skills. Here are three ways to do so.

1. Keep the lines of communication open

Talking with your ex may not be your favorite thing in the world. However, when it comes to your children communicating with your ex takes on a whole new level of importance. Keep each other apprised of the plans you have with your children. If it looks like some adjustments may need to be made to a visitation schedule, let your ex know right away.

Open communication can help ensure your loved ones are kept safe and healthy. If talking with your ex is simply not possible, try using a parenting app or stick to digital communication.

2. Remain flexible

Adhering to a schedule in the old world may have been simple. However, it may be necessary to make some temporary sacrifices to ensure the health and well-being of everyone. You may have to consider video chats instead of in-person visits. If you have shared physical custody, it might be wise to have the child reside in one parent’s home for the time being. Making these types of decisions is never easy. However, remember that this is only temporary.

3. Keep an eye on the future

When months feel like years, it seems like these unprecedented times will never end. That said, an end will come. Plan for the future. Understand that the parenting decisions you make now could impact future custody determinations. For example, a judge may frown on you taking your child to large gatherings. Prioritize the safety of your child, and you will be able to meet even the toughest co-parenting challenges.

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