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What do you know about the long-term impact of a DUI?

You received your first DUI recently, and you worry about how the charge affects your current life. What about the long-term consequences of a DUI? 

To help you prepare, Absolute Advocacy explores how a DUI influences your life. Develop a strategy for maintaining control of your prospects. 

Emotional and mental health

Pay close attention to your psychological health in the coming days, weeks and months. You may experience anxiety, stress, depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Consider seeking help from a mental health professional to learn productive coping strategies. 

Personal relationships with loved ones

After learning of your DUI, your friends, family members and significant other may look at you differently. Even if you do not tell those closest to you about your encounter with Pennsylvania law enforcement, your knowledge and shift in perspective may influence future interactions with those closest to you. 

Employment opportunities

You may encounter more obstacles than before when trying to find a new job. Companies perform background checks, and they may dismiss you as a job candidate upon learning of your DUI. Even if you do not change companies, your current employer may still find out about your DUI. Some positions may withdraw out of reach entirely, such as those in the government and military sectors. 

Auto insurance

When you next renew your car insurance, your provider may learn of your DUI. Expect to pay higher premiums, as you may now be an at-risk driver. If your provider does not exponentially increase your rates, it may drop you entirely as a policyholder. 

Your DUI may influence your life longer than you realize. While you may not account for every change, you may learn healthy ways to adapt. 

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