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Hire a Committed Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Lancaster, PA

Many motorists may not consider hiring legal counsel when they receive a traffic citation from a police officer. After all, getting a speeding or parking ticket isn’t a big deal, right? But traffic violations can add up, and you never know when another cop may catch you accidentally speeding. These repeated instances can cause you to lose your driver’s license or face other significant penalties.

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is a wise decision for Pennsylvania drivers accused of breaking a traffic law. Turn to the experienced attorneys at Marinaro Law Firm for all your driving violations. For over 25 years, our law office has helped people just like you with their traffic infractions and more serious criminal offenses, like DUIs and hit-and-runs.

Contact our traffic lawyers in Lancaster, PA, before speaking with law enforcement and paying your fine. We’ll review your case and help you get the representation you deserve.

Paying The Ticket Could Backfire

People often want to put the incident behind them and pay the traffic ticket. However, by doing so, you are pleading guilty to the offense, which means points on your license. If you’re not keeping close track, your next accumulative point may be when your license gets suspended, revoked, or canceled. If you are convicted of a traffic offense, you may also face a hike in your car insurance rates.

A police officer is writing a ticket for a white convertible car.

These consequences are not inevitable. With the help of one of our knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyers in Lancaster, PA, at Marinaro Law, you may be able to get the charges reduced or dropped, putting you in less jeopardy the next time you get a ticket.

In addition, if the next time a police officer issues you a ticket, and it’s for a more serious offense, you may need a criminal defense attorney. Driving offenses that are considered crimes include driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, vehicular homicide, or causing personal injury in a motor vehicle accident.

Because you never know what will happen due to your driving, you need the traffic ticket attorney near Lancaster, PA, who is also skilled at criminal defense, like those at Marinaro Law.

Strong Defense Against Various Types of Traffic Violations

Operating a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania is a privilege that comes with a great deal of responsibility. If you incur too many traffic violations, that privilege could be suspended or revoked entirely. License suspension affects your ability to get to work, take your children to doctor’s appointments, and even get necessities at the grocery store.

Before speaking with law enforcement and admitting guilt to your traffic violation, talk to an attorney in Lancaster, PA, at Marinaro Law Firm. Our firm provides committed representation to defend you against whatever traffic-related charges you face, including:

A police officer is holding a radar gun at a passing SUV.


Motorists in Pennsylvania must obey the posted speed limit sign for the road they are driving. The more miles per hour over the speed limit you are accused of driving, the higher the penalties you may face.

A woman talking on her phone, writing notes, and drinking coffee while driving.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving occurs when someone operating a vehicle has a willful disregard for the safety of the persons or property around them. Upon conviction of reckless driving, you could face a fine of $200 or worse.

A police SUV pulls over a car near a speed limit sign.

Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License

Driving with a suspended or revoked license is a criminal offense in Pennsylvania. However, certain conditions must exist to convict you of this crime. Be sure you have a traffic ticket lawyer on your side in these types of cases.

A man drinking a beer while driving a car.

Drinking & Driving

If you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.8% or higher and are over 21, you can be charged with a DUI. These cases require you to contact an attorney in Lancaster, PA, following a DUI arrest.

A car passes a red traffic light.

Running a Red Light

Many places in PA have red-light cameras to catch motorists who run a red light. Running a red light can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. Call Marinaro Law if you receive a red-light ticket in the mail.

A no U-turn sign on a busy road in a city.

Illegal U-Turn

U-turns are only legal if they can be made without endangering other traffic. If you made a U-turn at a location marked with a no U-turn sign, you could face a traffic violation, especially if your decision causes an accident.

Preserve Your Freedom. Contact Marinaro Law Firm

A simple speeding ticket that goes unaddressed or happens repeatedly can mean you face fines, jail time, and license suspension. No matter what traffic-related charge you are facing, Marinaro Law Firm can help. Schedule a free initial consultation with our traffic ticket lawyers in Lancaster, PA, so that we can review the specifics of your case and preserve your freedom.

Call our Lancaster office today at 717-397-7055 or 866-614-6520 toll-free for a free initial consultation with a traffic lawyer. We can help stop your traffic charge from spiraling into license loss and other unwanted consequences. You can also contact us online by filling out the form below.

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