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Get Help from a Bullying & Violent Crime Lawyer in Lancaster, PA

The difference between being charged with and being convicted of a violent crime case or act of bullying is the quality of the legal representation you choose. Suppose you want to avoid a county jail or state prison sentence, hefty fines, and a reputation that will follow you for life. In that case, it’s best to choose a violent offenses lawyer who has been serving Lancaster County for over 30 years—Attorney Marinaro.

At Marinaro Law Firm, we’re here to listen to your side of the story in criminal cases involving bullying and violent crimes. Whether it’s aggravated kidnapping, causing great bodily injury, murder charges, illegal sexual activity, cyberbullying, or another crime of violent nature, we can help give you legal options to defend your case. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

What Is Considered Bullying or a Violent Crime?

Pennsylvania defines bullying as an intentional act or series of acts committed electronically, in writing, verbally, or physically. It must be directed at another student or students, occur in a school setting, be severe, persistent, or pervasive, and interfere with a student’s education, create a threatening environment, or disrupt the orderly operation of the school. Our bullying lawyer in Lancaster, PA, can help you aggressively fight the alleged offense of bullying, so get in touch with us today!

Violent crime takes bullying to the next level. A person accused of a violent crime acted willfully against another person or personal property, whose intent is to threaten, attempt, or inflict physical harm or serious bodily injury. Getting legal representation from a violent crime lawyer in Lancaster, PA, is vital when charged with a violent offense.

Types of Bullying & Violent Crimes

If you have criminal charges filed against you for either bullying or violent crimes, knowing the specific details of the charges can help you create a legal strategy that protects your future. Below are the six most common criminal offenses our bullying and violent crime lawyer in Lancaster, PA, sees.


Two teenage boys are holding down another boy and are about to hit him in front of lockers.

Typically, the main difference between bullying and cyberbullying is that bullying is done in person. Bullying can range from name-calling, making fun of others, gossiping, hitting, pushing, spreading rumors, and much more.


A person is typing on a laptop with thought bubbles over their hands containing negative comments.

Cyberbullying is typically accomplished through text messages, emails, social media, or other electronic means. Pennsylvania’s anti-bullying laws cover cyberbullying, even if it occurs outside of a school setting.


A police officer collects a firearm at a crime scene.

Homicide can include various types of murder, from first-degree murder, which is a willful, deliberate, or premeditated killing, to involuntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. These serious charges require a skilled lawyer to defend you.

Rape & Sexual Assault

A woman is sitting at her desk with a man’s hand on her shoulder, making her look uncomfortable.

Rape and sexual assault are other forms of violent crimes. Sex crimes can range from sexual harassment in the workplace and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse (IDSI), to indecent exposure and internet child pornography.


A man with a gun holds up a woman at a cell phone store.

Typically, the main difference between bullying and cyberbullying is that bullying is done in person. Bullying can range from name-calling, making fun of others, gossiping, hitting, pushing, spreading rumors, and much more.

Simple & Aggravated Assault

A man makes a fist while a woman cowers in a corner.

When someone receives an assault and battery charge, they can face many consequences. Some of the crimes that fall under this category include simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic violence.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Bullying or Violent Crime Charges?

Choosing an experienced Lancaster criminal defense attorney like Attorney Michael V. Marinaro is essential for any bullying or violent crime you may be charged with. Not only does he have the trial experience necessary to face the criminal justice system head-on, but he also has previous experience as a forensic scientist.

This unique combination of extensive experience in a court of law and with case evidence makes him an invaluable legal option. Get in touch with Marinaro Law Firm today for your free consultation!

Hire a Violent Crime & Bullying Lawyer in Lancaster, PA, Today!

If you are facing criminal charges, you do not have time to wait. You need to begin your legal defense and need a criminal defense lawyer to do so. Choose the best bullying and violent crime lawyer in Lancaster, PA, at Marinaro Law Firm! We’ll work hard to protect your future and give you the best possible outcome.

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