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Case Results for Family Law in Lancaster, PA


  • Complex divorce. Following a weeklong master’s hearing, our firm obtained a decision from the master for his client in the amount of approximately $1,000,000.00. The said amount constituted 79% of the marital estate.

Child Custody

  • Sole legal and sole physical custody. The opposing party went into hiding with the child. Attorney worked with the client and law enforcement to locate the child and obtain custody. The other party now faces felony criminal charges for interference with custody of children, and must petition the court before having any custody right to the child.
  • Shared custody. Attorney represented a client in a custody matter where he started the case with no custodial time. Attorney was successful in obtaining a shared custody schedule for the client.
  • Primary physical custody. Attorney represented a client in a custody matter where he started the case with partial custodial periods with the child. Attorney successfully obtained primary physical custody for the client.
  • Increased custodial time. Following a one-day custody hearing, the parties settled under terms that doubled M.G.’s custodial time with his children.
  • Primary custody equivalent. Under a negotiated resolution, our client now has custody of his daughter every weekday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Furthermore, our client has custody every other weekend from Friday until Sunday and overnights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. As a result of our firm’s efforts, our client has contact with his daughter on 24 of 30 days each month. Marinaro Law again shattered the stereotype that fathers cannot obtain significant custodial time with their children in custody litigation.
  • Reclaimed primary physical custody. After several difficult hearings, the court issued an order granting our client primary physical custody of the party’s child based upon the statutory analysis of 16 factors. Our client was very pleased with our representation and stated she “would not trust any other Lancaster County attorney with a child custody matter.” This was a very difficult case, however, the court was presented with testimony from an excellent mother and rightly granted her primary physical custody of her young child.
  • Primary physical custody change. In a family business court proceeding, our firm successfully convinced the judge that primary physical custody should switch from defendant-mother to plaintiff-father because of the unsafe conditions at the mother’s residence. Furthermore, the court ordered that the child change school districts. Defendant-mother went from primary custody to partial physical custody, without any overnights.
  • Restored custodial rights. Following the removal of her children, our client retained the services of Marinaro Law to obtain the return of her custodial rights. After calling two witnesses at the custody hearing, our firm settled terms before the hearing.
  • Custody special relief court order. On February 24, 2013, a father unilaterally removed children from their home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The mother notified the Lancaster City Bureau of Police of the father’s irrational, momentary whim decision to flee to New York City. The Lancaster Police were unable to assist based on jurisdiction problems. The father refused to respond to the mother’s phone calls, and avoided her when she traveled to Brooklyn seeking the return of the children. NYC Police would not get involved in the matter. Attorney Marinaro obtained a court order directing the police in any jurisdiction, including New York City, to assist the mother in obtaining custody of the subject children. Shortly after the court order was issued, the mother was reunited with her children. Currently, our client has sole legal and sole physical custody of the children.
  • Reversed primary physical custody. Following several days of testimony, the court granted our firm’s request and reversed primary physical custody of the two subject children from mother to father. Following a contentious hearing, the court agreed that Marinaro’s client was in a better position to provide care for the children on a routine basis. Through testimony, the court determined that father was in a better position to provide for the stability and continuity of the education, family and community life of the two children. children. The court completely reversed primary physical custody of the party’s children from mother to father.

Spousal Support

  • Monthly award secured. After separating from her husband, our client sought the income to allow her to live independently of her spouse. We were able to secure an award of $2,200.00 a month in spousal support for our client.

Child Support

  • Support appeal hearing before the Court of Common Pleas. As a result of the hearing, the child support obligation was significantly lowered (over 200 dollars a month) based upon unemployment compensation and support obligations to another child.
  • Support appeal. Plaintiff failed to appear at the hearing. The plaintiff also failed to provide financial information at the previous child support conference. Due to the plaintiff’s failure to comply with the court’s directives to appear and provide financial information, upon motion by our firm, the plaintiff’s child support will be suspended until the next proceeding.
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