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Family Law Lawyers in Lancaster, PA

When you need to resolve a family matter through the legal system, it is essential to have an experienced attorney on your side. Family law issues can quickly become complicated by past tensions or emotional turmoil. Our family law lawyers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, can help.

Whether you are considering divorce or have received divorce papers from your spouse, need protection from violent partners, or have custody issues, you must act quickly to ensure that your best interests are protected through the legal system. At Marinaro Law, we have over 20 years of experience guiding clients through complex family law matters.

As a top Lancaster divorce law firm, Marinaro Law can help you gather the necessary documentation, divide assets, and pursue spousal and child support. You need a law firm that pays personal attention to the specifics of your case and can guide you through the court system if it needs to go to trial. As experienced family law lawyers, we will aggressively fight to protect your best interests throughout the process.

Elements Of Family Law

Family law covers a wide range of issues, like marriage, divorce, custody and visitations, and domestic violence. Here at Marinaro Law, we are well-versed in representing clients who need Lancaster divorce lawyers or help in another family law matter. We know the ins and outs of the court system and can fight to protect you, no matter what issue you are facing.

Our law offices also represent plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving protection from abuse (PFA) orders. We understand the collateral consequences that can follow from these proceedings, including:

  • Child custody
  • Eviction
  • Loss of firearms

If you feel threatened in your relationship or wish to challenge an order of protection, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Additionally, our firm provides legal advice and representation for a wide range of family issues, including:

Two gold bands placed over a divorce contract.


Divorce can be a complicated matter. Even if both parties agree to the divorce, there is still emotional and financial stress as your marriage ends. Count on our firm to represent your best interests!

A child looks confused, holding cutouts of a man and a woman.

Child Custody

Perhaps one of the most emotional aspects of divorce is agreeing on child custody. We have over 20 years of experience as family law lawyers helping clients navigate this complex matter.

A gavel next to a cutout of a parent and child with money to the side.

Child & Spousal Support

While some people use spousal support and alimony interchangeably, they each refer to different stages in the divorce process in Pennsylvania. Talk to an experienced attorney who can help you.

One hand holding out a miniature house and another holding a money bag.

Financial Considerations

Perhaps one of the most emotional aspects of divorce is Beyond child and spousal support, there are other financial considerations you need to agree upon when divorcing. Our office can help with dividing assets like your house, retirement, and other investments.

A couple happily signing an agreement.

Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

Whether you create the agreement before you’re married or after, setting boundaries and managing expectations can bring couples closer together. Contact an experienced family law attorney for help with your contract.

A book titled Domestic Violence Law next to a gavel.

Domestic Violence

Whether you create the agreement before you’re married or after, setting boundaries and managing expectations can bring couples closer together. Contact an experienced family law attorney for help with your contract.

A woman in pajamas rubbing her neck.

Strangulation Law

Strangulation is automatically a felony in Pennsylvania’s family law section. You no longer need physical proof of domestic violence strangulation, but you do need a lawyer that practices both family and criminal law.

A woman holding her arm over her head with her other hand stretched out and the word 'Stop" written on it.

Protection from Abuse

If you need protection from a spouse, parent,  or partner due to accusations of domestic violence, contact the powerhouse attorneys at Marinaro Law Firm today! We’ll help represent you in court to get the safety you need.

Our Family Law Track Record

Don’t just choose a family law lawyer who says they’ll help you get your desired results. Instead, choose one that has the experience and track record to back it up! We have a long history of assisting clients in finding success in family law matters, including complex divorces with over $1 million in marital assets, custody battles, and protective order cases.

We’ve helped a family who had the opposing party hide from our client with their child. We worked with both our client and law enforcement to locate the child and obtain sole legal and physical custody.

Another client separated from her husband, and we secured an award of $2,200 a month in spousal support for her. So, you see, we don’t just say we’re powerhouse attorneys who fight for you—we prove it!

How Does Family Law Differ from Other Types of Law?

A paper cut out of a family under a house with a gavel in the middle.

Family law is complex in many ways. Typically, in general civil matters, there are only a few legal matters present simultaneously. However, in litigation for a family law issue, multiple issues, like divorce, spousal support, child support, and perhaps even protection from abuse, are often present.

Family law deals with issues when an intimate relationship ends, while criminal law focuses on persons accused of breaking the law. When the two intertwine, like in domestic violence or strangulation cases, you need an experienced attorney in both. Luckily, when you get in touch with Marinaro Law Firm, we have the expertise in criminal and family law to help our clients get the results they deserve.

Things You Need to Consider When Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

We know that family law matters are complicated in many ways—legally, emotionally, and financially. When you hire a family law attorney, you want to find one focused on you. They should take an interest in your case and be willing to work for your best outcome. You also want to find a lawyer who has outstanding references and experience in a family law court.

Mostly though, you need to consider a family law lawyer who is compassionate about your situation, dedicated to getting you the best results possible, and has the perseverance to take on the opposing party aggressively. When you choose Marinaro Law Firm as your Lancaster divorce lawyer, you’re getting someone who is all three!

A lawyer is shaking the hands of a client who is smiling.


Finding a compassionate lawyer to handle your family law issue may not be the first consideration you have. However, finding one who is sympathetic towards your case and can help you through the complicated emotional and financial issues involved will help not only you but will also help your case.

A man in a suit is looking at his laptop with papers and a cup of coffee on his desk.


A lawyer who is dedicated to your case can have a dramatic impact on its successful resolution. You want to find an attorney willing to go the extra mile for you and make sure you get the results you deserve. The attorneys at Marinaro Law Firm will work hard for the successful resolution of your family law matter.

A lawyer is questioning a witness while a judge watches.


When hiring a successful family law lawyer, choose one who will have the perseverance to take your case to court, if need be. You will want someone who will continue to fight for you and your best interests, even when the situation is complicated or challenging, which is why you need to choose Marinaro Law Firm.

Don’t Wait! Get in Touch with Our Family Law Lawyers Today!

If you have questions regarding family law matters, contact Marinaro Law by calling 717-397-7055 or toll-free at 866-614-6520. You can also complete our online contact form. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but we offer evening and weekend appointments upon request. We provide services in English or Spanish for your convenience.

When you need a compassionate, experienced, and dedicated family law attorney to handle your divorce, custody, support, or domestic violence case, choose Marinaro Law Firm!

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