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Protection From Abuse (PFA) in Lancaster, PA

The Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Act gives family courts the power to order individuals to stay away from their spouse, co-parent or children due to accusations of domestic violence. A Protection From Abuse Order can profoundly affect your family relations for years to come.

The family law and criminal defense attorneys of Marinaro Law represent parties on both sides of Protection From Abuse Orders (PFAs). Whether you need legal protection from an abusive spouse or romantic partner, or you are facing the loss of your right to spend time with your children, our passionate and experienced team of lawyers can help.

The Basics Of Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Orders

When someone files for a PFA order, the judge can immediately issue a temporary or emergency order. The judge will also schedule a final hearing within 10 business days to determine whether to issue a permanent order. Both the person seeking the order and the person accused of abuse has the right to attend the final hearing, along with their lawyers, to tell the judge their side of the story.

To file for an order, you must be an adult or an adult guardian filing on behalf of a child. Also, the person you are accusing of abuse must be one of the following to you:

  • Related by marriage
  • Related by blood
  • Biological co-parent of your children
  • “Intimate” partner, either now or in the past

Accusations of abuse can include:

  • Physical harm or attempts to cause harm
  • Rape or sexual abuse
  • Threats of physical abuse
  • Stalking
  • Interference with freedom of movement

If someone is pursuing a Protection From Abuse Order against you, there is no time to waste. You have very little time to prepare your defense, confront the accusations and do everything possible to clear your name. Time is also limited if you need to file for an order to protect yourself or your children.

Experienced With Both Sides Of The Issue

No matter which side of the matter you are on, you need experienced and aggressive legal representation such as we provide at Marinaro Law. We will represent you in court and present your case persuasively.

Call 717-397-7055 or toll free 866-614-6520 to contact Marinaro Law in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to discuss your Protection From Abuse Order matter. We offer free initial consultations, and are available for weekend and evening appointments by request. Se habla español.

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