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We Know Pennsylvania’s Strangulation Law

Pennsylvania law specifically makes strangulation a form of felony domestic violence. If you are dealing with a domestic situation involving strangulation, our attorneys at Marinaro Law are prepared to assertively represent you in criminal and family court.

Pennsylvania’s Strangulation Law And Your Safety

In years past, it was a challenge for courts to deal with allegations of domestic violence through strangulation if the victim was left without lasting physical injury or obvious marks. Today, the law makes clear that infliction of physical injury is not an element of proving domestic violence strangulation, making it easier for alleged abusers to be charged.

The law states that a person has committed criminal strangulation when they knowingly or intentionally impede another person’s breathing or blood flow by applying pressure to the neck or throat, or by blocking the victim’s mouth and nose.

If you have been choked by a member of your household or a romantic partner, one of our lawyers can help you pursue a Protection From Abuse Order. The law provides protection even in cases where you don’t have clear physical signs of abuse to make your case.

Practical And Powerful Defense Against Strangulation Claims

Marinaro Law practices both family law and criminal defense, giving us a unique insight into matters involving an accusation of domestic violence. We understand the way family disputes can lead to proceedings in criminal court. We will vigorously defend your rights and make sure you get fair treatment.

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