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Tiger Woods has proven many things in the past. He surprised the sports world by showing how a young prodigy of the links can quickly vault to the number-one golfer in the world.

His star may have faded as personal issues combined with injuries that seemed to erode his skills. However, he can find himself covered in a high profile, trending news story that revealed him proving something else.

Woods proved what few know and far too many do not know. It is possible to be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after passing a breathalyzer test (Wood’s blood alcohol content was .000) after “sleeping it off” with the car in “park.”

Police officers in Jupiter, Florida found Woods asleep at the wheel with his vehicle idling. Once they woke him up, his speech was noticeably slurred. After administering a breathalyzer that showed no traces of alcohol, he failed a subsequent field sobriety test.

Following his latest “behind the wheel” incident, Woods, in a statement, denied any alcohol use. He claimed that his condition and arrest resulted from an unexpected reaction to different types of painkillers.

For those not as rich and famous as the 41-year-old professional golfer, a DUI arrest can be the outcome of similar circumstances.

Driving under the influence means just that. Intoxication is not exclusive to alcohol use. Both legal and illegal drugs can cause serious impairment that could result in criminal charges.

Choosing to sleep in a car instead of drive drunk still puts the driver in actual physical control of the vehicle. A car that is parked, idling or stalled is still capable of being driven. In many cases, the car had to be driven at some point while the operator was impaired, even if a police officer found the occupant sleeping.

The complexity of DUI law is only surpassed by the severity of arrests and convictions. Those potential consequences require the help of a skilled drunk driving defense lawyer.

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