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What is ARD?  In Pennsylvania, there is a program titled Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).  This excellent program is used when it comes to criminal offenses that are considered minor.  For example, a defendant charged with a first DUI offense may be placed into this ARD program if the District Attorney’s Office chooses to do so.  The program involves being put on a probationary sentence with strict conditions.  This program may include any of the following:

•  Paying restitution for victims

•  Rehabilitative classes

•  Community services

Once the terms of the program are fulfilled, the record of the offenses will then be expunged.  This means it will be as if the defendant was never even charged with a crime; no criminal record of the offense will exist.  If the defendant does not complete the ARD program, their case will then have to proceed to trial and penalties may be ordered.  Only certain types of cases are eligible for this program, but the most common is a DUI offense.   The following factors must be true in your DUI case for you to be eligible:

•  It is your first DUI (some exceptions apply)

•  An accident did not occur where a person, other than the defendant,            was killed or suffered serious bodily injury

•  You did not have a passenger in the car under the age of 14

•  You had a valid driver’s license and valid insurance at the time of                   the specific offense

•  Your BAC is not .30% or above

ARD is not only used for DUI cases but may be applicable for other criminal offenses.  If you have questions regarding the ARD program or whether or not your case may be eligible, contact us at Marinaro Law.  For more than two (2) decades, I have helped individuals fight their criminal charges and I have extensive experience with cases that involve ARD so that you may avoid a criminal conviction.  

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