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Our Lancaster Lawyers’ Case Results

Marinaro Law has successfully defended thousands of criminal defendants and has a long track record of success in family law. Below are just a few examples.

Criminal Defense Case Results

  • Numerous felony counts including robbery, firearm possession (because of past drug conviction) and possession of a stolen firearm. Client was found not guilty of all charges by a jury of 12. There was no forensic science to connect the client to the gun found at the crime scene. DNA swabs taken from the gun were never sent to the Pennsylvania State Police for testing. And the police were unable to lift identifying fingerprints from the gun, magazine, or bullets found at the scene.
  • Possession of a stolen vehicle. Defense Attorney Michael V. Marinaro successfully convinced a jury of 12 that his client was not guilty. The trial lasted two days, and the jury found our client not guilty after deliberating nearly five hours. If found guilty, the client would have faced a state prison sentence.
  • DUI, second offense within the 10 year look-back period. The police officer saw the defendant/client and her passenger changing a flat tire alongside the road, and stopped to assist. While talking with our client, he observed that she appeared to be unsteady on her feet, he smelled a strong odor of alcohol emanating from her breath and noted her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Her passenger told the officer that our client was the driver of the car. Attorney litigated this matter before a jury. Jury finds defendant not guilty!

Family Law Case Results

  • Complex divorce. Following a weeklong master’s hearing, our firm obtained a decision from the master for his client in the amount of approximately $1,000,000.00. The said amount constituted 79% of the marital estate.
  • Sole legal and sole physical custody. The opposing party went into hiding with the child. Attorney worked with the client and law enforcement to locate the child and obtain custody. The other party now faces felony criminal charges for interference with custody of children, and must petition the court before having any custody right to the child.
  • Monthly award secured. After separating from her husband, our client sought the income to allow her to live independently of her spouse. We were able to secure an award of $2,200.00 a month in spousal support for our client.

Civil Action Case Results

  • Damage to a vehicle from a natural gas explosion. Defendant, UGI Utilities, filed a motion to strike a paragraph of the complaint. Marinaro Law successfully argued that the paragraph was proper under the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Protective Order Case Results

  • Physical abuse action filed on behalf of a 10 year-old child. Following several days of testimony, the court agreed with Attorney Marinaro that an order to protect the child, whom the mother had abused by striking him in the head, was warranted.
  • Defense against imposition of a final PFA order. Marinaro Law orally moved for the dismissal of the matter. The court agreed, and the matter was dismissed. The dismissal occurred even before our client presented any evidence!
  • PFA matter versus a client’s former girlfriend. A hearing was held before the court and Plaintiff, TC, was granted a final protection from abuse order.
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