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Get a Drug Case Lawyer in Lancaster, PA, to Protect Your Future

Many people consider drug offenses a common charge and not as severe as other criminal offenses. This thought process cannot be farther from the truth, as drug crimes carry significant penalties such as jail time, community service, fines, asset forfeiture, and loss of your driver’s license. If you’re facing drug charges in Pennsylvania, you need a skilled drug case lawyer in Lancaster, PA, to protect your freedom and defend your rights.

At Marinaro Law, we know it can be hard finding a knowledgeable lawyer who won’t give up on you or your case. Rest assured that when our drug defense attorney, Michael V. Marinaro, takes on your case, he will prepare for trial from day one. With plenty of experience in forensics and criminal defense trials, you can trust our law firm to handle your drug charges professionally and without judgment.

Types of Criminal Charges in Pennsylvania

You may think that simple possession is a common or minor offense, but serious consequences follow a criminal conviction for drug possession charges. As an experienced drug case lawyer in Lancaster, PA, we are prepared to represent clients charged with various drug law violations. These offenses can include numerous types of illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs, such as OxyContin.

Drug Possession

A person in handcuffs and blue jeans in front of a table filled with drugs and drug paraphernalia.

No matter what drug you are charged with possessing or if you have been charged with constructive possession, it is crucial that you act quickly to protect yourself. In many instances, law enforcement officers overstep their legal boundaries, and evidence is acquired through illegal search and seizure. Let our firm carefully investigate your charge and aggressively defend you.

Drug Possession with Intention to Deliver (PWID)

close up of addict buying dose from drug dealer

If you are criminally charged with possession with intent to deliver drugs (PWID Drugs) in Pennsylvania, you face a felony offense if convicted. You could be punished with a jail sentence or hefty fines depending on the drugs and the amount in your possession. Don’t let that happen to you. Your future is worth protecting. Let our drug defense attorney in Lancaster, PA, help defend you!

Delivery of Drugs Resulting in Death

Various drugs and pills lay on the ground with a needle and an image of an arm in the background.

Criminal delivery of drugs resulting in death is a first degree felony. The person charged with this crime intentionally dispenses, delivers, gives, prescribes, sells, or distributes any controlled substance or counterfeit controlled substance, and another person dies due to using the drug. Even if you shared a drug with someone and the other person suffers a fatal overdose, you could be on the hook for a drug delivery resulting in a death charge.

Large Indoor Marijuana Commercial Growing Operation

Growth, Cultivation, or Manufacture of Drugs

Growing, cultivating, or manufacturing drugs in Pennsylvania carries varying degrees of consequences. First time offenders of growing marijuana plants may face six months in prison and fines. However, repeated convictions or manufacturing harder drugs, such as methamphetamines can mean up to 15 years in prison and a quarter of a million dollars in fines. Don’t take these charges lightly. Get in touch with us today.

What Happens After You’re Arrested for a Drug Crime?

A person is handcuffed and escorted down a hallway by a police officer.

After you are arrested for a drug crime, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t mean you are convicted. You have the right to an attorney, and choosing one with trial experience in criminal law, like Attorney Marinaro, can help protect your future. The arresting officer will likely take you to the police station, fingerprint you, and take your photo.

As soon as you are able, you need to call a drug defense lawyer in Lancaster, PA. Without fair legal representation, you could face life-altering consequences that cause you to lose your freedom. That’s why if law enforcement has accused you of criminal delivery of drugs or another crime, you need a tough lawyer who understands the pharmacology of drugs and can defend your rights against this drug charge.

Drug Charges & How They Can Affect Your Future

A person holds the bars of a jail cell with two hands.

Those convicted of drug crimes, like possession with intent to deliver, possession of traditional drug paraphernalia, and prescription fraud, face severe consequences in Pennsylvania. For example, a death by delivery charge conviction could result in a maximum penalty of 40 years in jail. It’s one of the most severe charges in Pennsylvania, with only first- and second-degree murder facing higher penalties. And sadly, Lancaster County leads the state in death by delivery charges with 36 overdose deaths.

While you may lose decades of your life sitting in jail if convicted, you’ll face the repercussions of a first-degree felony charge for as long as you live. With your freedom for the rest of your life at stake, contact us for a defense attorney who not only knows the law but also knows how to use it to your best advantage during crucial moments.

Levels of Drug Charges in Pennsylvania

At Marinaro Law, our number one goal is getting your drug charges dismissed. However, if you neglect to choose our law firm for your criminal defense, you may face severe consequences based on the type of drug, your criminal record, and the amount of drugs found on you. Repeat offenders and possession of harder drugs lead to more severe penalties, such as a felony conviction.

First Offense

Bag of marijuana laying on cash

If it’s your first drug possession charge, you will likely face a misdemeanor, spend up to a year in jail, and receive a maximum fine of $5,000. Subsequent drug possession convictions can lead to triple the amount of jail time and five times the fine. Let our drug defense attorney help you.

Misdemeanor Offense

drugs line and money

You may be charged with a misdemeanor for drug crimes such as possession of a small amount of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and the first offense of cocaine possession. Conviction of a drug crime can mean trouble getting employment or housing in the future.

Felony Offense

Drugs and handcuffs

The most serious of all crimes are felony crimes, and those related to drugs are possession with intent to sell, possession of certain drugs, and possession of a large number of drugs. These crimes could cost you 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine—not to mention a record for life.

Do You Need Help from a Drug Case Lawyer in Lancaster, PA?

In most cases involving drugs or controlled substances, our drug case lawyer in Lancaster, PA, has noticed that most criminal cases can be tied to some form of substance abuse. In Lancaster County, a drug court is specifically designated for those who commit a crime but are addicted to drugs or alcohol. There is no stigma attached to drug court, as those on the drug court are willing to help the people who need help.

Whether or not addiction is involved, if you have been charged with a drug crime, you need a reliable attorney prepared to defend you. Attorney Marinaro’s unique forensic background makes him valuable in analyzing evidence. Fill out the contact form below to get help with your criminal charges.

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