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Is Cyberbullying Illegal in Pennsylvania?

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Cyberbullying is typically accomplished through text messages, emails, social media, or other electronic means. Pennsylvania’s anti-bullying laws cover cyberbullying, even if it occurs outside of a school setting. 

State and federal law enforcement agencies are aggressively investigating and arresting individuals in Pennsylvania on internet crime charges. If you have been charged with a cybercrime, experienced criminal defense is necessary to confront the charges and fight for your freedom. 

Safeguard Your Rights Against The Prosecution

At Marinaro Law in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we are prepared to aggressively defend you against internet-related criminal charges. We help our clients confront all internet charges, including: 

When defending against cyber charges, we draw upon expert witnesses trained to uncover evidence and challenge the police’s claims. Dealing with hard drives and internet history should not be left to a defense lawyer who is unfamiliar with the complexities of this new area of criminal law. We know how to build a strong defense using our real-world criminal law experience and our skill with modern technology. 

We Even The Odds

Because police and prosecutors have so many resources trained against you, we work aggressively to make officers and the court treat you fairly and respect your civil rights. For example, we will help you preserve your right not to answer questions from the police against your will. Your attorney will challenge any illegally obtained evidence and leverage weaknesses in the prosecution’s case into hopefully keeping you out of prison and minimize the disruption to your life.

Aggressive And Informed Internet Crime Defense

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