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Steps to avoid Probation Violations in Pennsylvania:

Probation violations can turn your life upside down.  A common misconception is that a judge in Pennsylvania is required to credit a PV offender with time served. This is not the case.  All depends on the totality of circumstances surrounding the probation violation.  When you violate probation, a judge has the authority to restart (take away all street time) the probationary period from day one or, potentially reinstitute the sentence that had been set aside in favor of probation.  Marinaro Law may be your ultimate advocate when you face a Probation Violation to avoid a prison term and collateral consequences.  

To avoid probation violations you must comply with the following unless excused by the court or the probation office:

1.  Obtaining gainful employment – pay fines, costs, and restitution if applicable;

2.  Participating in all rehabilitation programs, i.e. drug /alcohol, psychological evaluations, and recommendations;

3.  Always appear for the scheduled meetings with a probation officer;

4.  Obtain your GED, if required;

5.  Completing community service, if required; and

6.  Always submit to drug or alcohol examinations when requested by the probation officer.

Note:  Our office may request client’s to enter into halfway house, diversionary programs, inpatient or outpatient treatment programs to avoid incarceration.  We can help you overcome obstacles that stand in the way of continued probation. Furthermore, we can petition the court for walk-in status so that you may continue to work and reside at home pending the PV hearing.  

Violating the terms of your probation in Pennsylvania can have serious consequences which may include incarceration.  Your probation officer is required to petition the court, notify the DA’s office, and submit a recommendation regarding the penalty.  A Probation Hearing is then held and a judge decides whether the request has merits.  A judge can require the defendant to serve out a prison sentence, and/or pay additional fines and costs.  If you violated probation, contact Marinaro Law immediately. 

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