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Search and Seizure Violations:   Any violation of your Fourth Amendment search & seizure rights could result in a complete dismissal of all charges against you. The Courts treat search and seizure rights very seriously because the U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitution guarantee rights to suspects that police cannot take away, even if they believe that you possess illegal drugs, weapons or are driving drunk.   

The Fourth Amendment gives broad protection to you if you are suspected of committing a crime.  The police often forget or outright ignore these protections when they believe that you have committed a crime, resulting in an illegal search or seizure and/or illegal stop of your vehicle.  Illegal searches and seizures include a search of your home, person, or car without a warrant and car stops without the necessary probable cause.

Charges that result from an illegal search and seizure often include the following:

Possession with the intent to distribute illegal drugs (PWID);

Possession of illegal drugs;

Weapon possession, gun violations;

Computer crimes;

Sex crimes;

Drunk driving;

Embezzlement or other white collar crimes.

We at Marinaro Law will protect you from overzealous police who infringe on your Constitutional rights by challenging the search or seizure.  We shall investigate the facts surrounding your arrest to determine whether you were the victim of an unlawful search or seizure.

We will use our significant criminal defense experience working in Pennsylvania when we prepare your defense.  We understand Pennsylvania search and seizure requirements under the law, and can quickly identify violations of your rights. Once we have identified that a violation of your Constitutional rights has occurred, we may be able to persuasively argue that all of the charges against you should be dropped.  We believe in an aggressive, experienced, and competent approach in defending your rights and freedom.  

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