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When you’ve been charged with a crime, your first thought may be, “How can I make this go away?” There are many circumstances where this is simply not possible. However, under certain conditions, a pardon or expungement may be possible, releasing you from the consequences for or record of the original charge.

How To Get An Expungement

An expungement doesn’t make your criminal charge entirely go away. It does, however, seal it from public view so that it can’t be searched by, say, potential employers, schools or others whose visibility to the information could be detrimental to you. You would also not have to disclose the offense to any potential employer or in any other circumstance where you might otherwise be required to reveal it. Not every criminal charge will be eligible for expungement, and whether your offense is eligible for expungement will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • How long ago the offense occurred
  • Your criminal record (or lack thereof) in the intervening time period
  • The type and severity of the original crime

One of our experienced criminal defense attorneys can evaluate your case to determine if your charge might be eligible for expungement.

How Is A ‘Pardon’ Different?

A pardon for a criminal conviction doesn’t mean that you are innocent of the crime. It does, however, mean that your sentence will be reduced or eliminated, and that you will be technically forgiven for the crime. A pardon has no effect on your criminal record, however. A pardon has to be issued by the executive branch — a governor for a state crime or the president for federal crimes.

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